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OSWatch Launched!

Posted on 28th Apr 2014

Taking advantage of a brief consulting hiatus, I powered through a ground up build of an Open Source Watch!

 Open Source Watch V 1.0!

I had a series of goals when I started out on the project,

1.) Build the hardware with 100% Arduino Compatibility

2.) Insure Sufficient Program Memory for lots of creative potential

3.) Minimum Battery life of 1 Day

4.) BLE as both Central or Peripheral

5.) Compact size

I'm pretty proud of it, and I hope to get more people envolved over the next few weeks! Check out the link here: http://oswatch.org

The DoNothingBlog

28th Apr 2014
1st Apr 2014

What's in the Box?

Some works are professional. others are from past failed startups. Still Others are at home projects, and mad science experiments gone sideways.