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Blog Entry 001

Posted on 1st Apr 2014

 My first blog entry marks 5 years to the day that I have been living in California.  


Each blog entry will largely be focused on various hardware / software experiments, learnings, how-tos, etc. Most of my work has been software based and gaming focused, but more recent experiments have been on the hardware front. It's hard to beat that tangible connection while you hold something in your hand, and the tactile feedback of a button, light, or sound. 


I find myself often at home at night, tinkering. I'm largely self-educated. (I have a art school degree) Sometimes I can leverage that. A different perspective. I can get lost in the code easily, but it's not the code that I love, it's the creation. 


The DoNothingBlog

28th Apr 2014
1st Apr 2014

What's in the Box?

Some works are professional. others are from past failed startups. Still Others are at home projects, and mad science experiments gone sideways.