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Wasteland Empires - Facebook


Wasteland Empires is a Post-Apocalyptic RTS and turn based multi-player game for Facebook. Wasteland was my first Facebook game where I was responsible for all aspects of the game, from initial concept to post launch enhancements.

The core gameplay of Wasteland Empires is squad based tower defense / offense. Each player begins by carving a small oasis out of a decimated earth, scavenging resources to survive and build their new home. A player must both build up defenses and go on the offensive against neighboring threats.

Game Economy:


Basic Resources - Bio, Mechanical and mineral. Basically non-premium currency used in just about everything in the wasteland. Produced largely by built refineries, but also gathered from scavenging rubble, battles, and completing quests.

Parts - unique items needed in many buildings, upgrades and vehicles. Some parts can only be gained through scavenging. Others through quests. Others through destroying specific enemy buildings. This provided the core balance of the game, and provided the drive to scavenge, complete quest goals, and battle.

Food / Water / Shelter: The basics for human life. Provide for your people and they will come. People will only join you if you provide. Food is provided via farms, water though wells, and housing provides shelter. The lowest of those three supported provides the maximum population you can support.

Population - the people you have. The more people you have, the larger the army, the more people that can scavenge the wasteland, and the more construction workers able to build and upgrade your base.

Might - this represents your fame / infamy across the wasteland. The more battles you win, the more your might rises. the more battles you loose, the lower it falls. Primarily used in the game's matching system to assure a proper game balance.


Might in Battle - once you are battling an opponent within the same might range, the amount of damage you must do to the opposing base is based on the might difference. If you have a higher might than your enemy, the pressure is on! You must destroy more of the enemy base the maintain your wasteland reputation and prove you have what it takes! If you are the perceived underdog, even small damage to an opponent will earn you fame! (who doesn't love a good underdog story!)

Key Game Elements:


Home Base - this is where the player carves out their little 'paradise'. Defensive strategies (base layout and defensive building) take place here, as well as building upgrades unlocking more defensive and offensive weapons. Also, actively scavenging surroundings takes place here, providing both raw resources and special parts used to complete buildings and troops. Sometimes there are other surprises, from special unique weapons to the occasional mutant hordes.

The Map - This is where you can see who is close to you, and go on the offensive. Fairly straightforward.

Combat - once you pick a target, you enter combat. In this mode, all prepared troops are available for deployment. Add troops to a squad, and deploy them. (limit of one squad per tech tier). Each squad is individually controllable, providing both the thrill of a RTS with the simplicity of a casual game. As you destroy enemy bases, you gain special parts needed both upgrades, and general resources.


Quests - A large element of Wasteland Empires revolves around book chapters and quests. There is a rich story lurking underneath Wasteland Empires, and you are rewarded both with unique weapons and items, and with a revelation to the world of Wasteland Empires.



Once you have mastered the surrounding wasteland, it's time to forge allies and own the front! Forge or join a clan, and bring the battle to a new frontier.

The 'Clan' expansion to Wasteland Empires is built around a multiplayer turn based system. You manufacture buildings and troops at home, and them ship them to the front. The 'Front' is a multi-day battle against another clan. You both fight for more territory, thus expanding your empire!


Wasteland Empires

Crowdstar's Wasteland Empires was my game. It was both my idea, and I was the driving force behind the title. I also had the peasure of being surrounded by some of the best developers, artists, and game designers other team members I have ever worked with.

Special Notes

  • Peak 80K DAU
  • Highest Facebook LTV of Crowdstar
  • Casual single player RTS
  • Turn Based multiplayer Strategy