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As a child growing up with a electrical engineer / mad scientist of a father, life was always interesting. From the box of salvaged electrical thing-a-ma-bobs collected over a full career, to the various projects in various states of completeness scattered throughout the house, I could always find something to play with that wasn't technically a toy. Those that functioned somewhat would amuse me for hours provided a light at least blinked. Those that did not work ususally had a certain asthetic equally impressive. By the time I was old enough to clearly express interest in these various machines, my father began to design the ultimate entertainment for a child with a expanding interest in things that ran on batteries and blinked, an aply intitled "Do Nothing Box ". For us, this project was both a fun and educational. We began to build (well, more him than me, but I got pretty good with a soldering gun at an early age) a box filled with switches, buzzers, lights, indicators, knobs, and entertainment galore. This "Do Nothing Box" did . . . well something.

Sadly, work became a bit more demanding on both of us (him, job, me, school) and the real time to develop our monstrosity faded, and it joined the collection of other porjects in the "not quite done" catagory around the house. I Also grew up and away from those basic interests for many years.

Then, during college, I became re-engaged in exploring electronics. I was mainly focusing on a New Media degree revolved around web based game development but the real world "touch and feel" impulse never left. A few projects I worked on had hardware components, which led me back to asking my dad for help. This led us to eventually working on developing a 100% analog synthesizer. (We also shared a passion of music, albiet he was classical, and I was more of the Industrial / noise / what have you side). Sadly, before I finished school, and we finished verison one of the synthesizer, he passed away from a sudden heart attack.


Now, I've been out of school for some time, put my time in some start-ups (As an early employee and as a Co-founder) and finally setup my own small company for the sole purpose of bringing some ideas to a fully realised, public life. When I was thinking of a name that would symbolise what I wanted my company to be about, I realised I really had only one choice . . .

DoNothingBox LLC